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What’s the best way to tag the surface of a way that has been temporarily (few years) paved with concrete paving stones, in a special pattern ? Surface=paved, temporarily=yes, or surface=paving_stones, temporarily=yes ?

asked 05 Jun '14, 14:43

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What do you mean with temporarily paved and why does it matter?

(05 Jun '14, 14:52) scai ♦

I think he is talking about what in The Netherlands is called a "bouwstraat". When a new neighbourhood is built, they pave the streets with the paving stones upside down. Then when all building work is done the paving stones get relaid right side up. (Concrete paving stones are usually beveled only on one side.)

(05 Jun '14, 15:24) cartinus

IMHO it matters, because the structure is different and less smooth then the normal surface with paving_stones. As cartinus explained, its normal over here and you end up with undamaged pavement afterwards. They use the same practice for asphalt by offering an unfinished road surface and add, when all the building activity has gone, the last layer(s) afterwards.

(05 Jun '14, 15:48) Hendrikklaas

I don't see any need to tag it as temporary. Just choose the best surface value for the current situation, and change it in a few years when they flip the stones over.

You could add a note tag mentioning that the surface is temporary so future contributors will know to check the surface once construction is complete, but I don't see any need to create a dedicated "temporary" tag.

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answered 05 Jun '14, 17:54

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Hi Thanks alester, that's the answer on my question. Good solution just add an extra tag.

(05 Jun '14, 18:09) Hendrikklaas

If I understand the wiki at then the tagging ought to be highway=construction and construction=* where * is whatever the highway tag will be when construction is completed.

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answered 05 Jun '14, 18:48

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highway=construction is for roads that are not yet open for traffic. A "bouwstraat" is open to the general public. Some houses in the neighbourhood are finished years before the last ones.

(05 Jun '14, 18:57) cartinus

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