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Has anyone tried to use one of these to edit OSM? Seems like one could make smoother curves on roads, rivers etc. Large lakes are tedious to draw with a mouse.


asked 03 Jun '14, 10:47

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Tom Layo
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edited 23 Sep '14, 15:43

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aseerel4c26 ♦


I bought one, a Huion H580 (about $50 US), and have been experimenting with it for a few days. For many routine edits, it's not much help, the mouse does as well. For curving roads and rivers and lakes, it's faster and you can make smoother lines.

It worked right out of the box on Potlatch. You can use your regular mouse at the same time.

The tablet recognizes its pen when it's about a cm above the tablet. When you touch the surface, it makes a node. You can drag and select same as a mouse.


Great toy, not much documentation, lots of potential to customize, if you can figure out how. Works well for drawing lakes and canals and curved roads. Easy. Should also have other uses.

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answered 23 Sep '14, 14:55

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Tom Layo
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Would you like to tell us your results? :)

(23 Sep '14, 14:59) scai ♦


Does what you want. Please, before upload, simplify your added ways to an appropriate level.

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answered 03 Jun '14, 11:18

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SimonPoole ♦
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Fastdraw is IMHO a good idea / experiment, but I never managed to make it behave satisfactorily. Maybe it would work better with a graphics tablet indeed.

(03 Jun '14, 14:23) Vincent de P... ♦
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