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I have the need to access many private roads that I have tracked. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to make these auto routable with OSM on my GPS.

asked 30 May '14, 17:24

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Yes, but it's probably going to involve you doing something with the data before you feed it into your GPS. How you do this will depend on what sort of GPS it is that you're using.

If it's a Garmin GPS, then you may be able to use mkgmap and edit the style files that it uses to achieve your desired result (a quick web search provides several suggestions). Even if you can't do exactly what you want using mkgmap you do have the option to write something that modifies the data (perhaps to remove e.g. "access=private" from the data) before feeding it to mkgmap - but that involves you writing some code, of course.

It's worth noting that the web links above are mostly about trying to avoid routing on private tracks rather than to allow it, so it might help if you could provide an example of a track that your GPS doesn't route down because it's private (and also say what sort of GPS you're using, of course).

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answered 30 May '14, 18:02

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I have a Garmin Montana 600. I'm generally using minimally used farm roads, so they aren't recognized as roads at all. I have City Navigator (CN) and the birds eye ariel imaging currently installed. CN has no problems sending me down private roads behind locked gates, my issue is that I'm needing to use dirt paths basically. With CN, if my waypoint is not located near a recognized road, it routes me to the closest recognized road and then sends me directly to the waypoint (through fields, rivers, etc). Typically the entrance to the dirt path is not the nearest point on a recognized road.

(04 Jun '14, 20:50) SlimJim44

City Navigator's a Garmin product and unrelated to OSM data; I guess what you're asking is whether you could use OSM data to route to places that CN won't recognise a route to by using OSM data. The answer's yes, but will probably need a bit of experimentation on your part.

(04 Jun '14, 21:38) SomeoneElse ♦

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