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I am currently trying to obtain bus routes in the shapefile data format. I have downloaded raw osm data for Nottingham from the Geofabrik website. I then queried for the bus route relations using osmosis (type=bus, route=bus). I can see the relations for the route data, with the bus number for each route in JOSM. However, after exporting to QGIS, all attribute data is lost. I can physically see the polyline segments that make up each route, but I have no information on what bus route number it belongs to. Is there a way to retain the reference tag/relation once its has been opened in GIS?

Thank you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked 29 May '14, 09:55

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How are you pulling data into QGIS? Are you aware of route_master relations for some Nottingham bus routes? (e.g., Indigo).

(29 May '14, 10:08) SK53 ♦

I have tried different data formats, GeoJSON, GPX, importing the OSM file etc. When I open the attribute table, the fields for each object display NULL.

(29 May '14, 11:03) fm144

I suspect that this is down to how you are filtering the data with Osmosis not anything to do with QGIS

(29 May '14, 16:41) SK53 ♦

I can see the attributes and route information from the osmosis filtered data when the osm file is opened in JOSM. The filtering appears to have worked fine, I just can't get the attributes in the shape file.

(02 Jun '14, 09:52) fm144

You are still not giving enough info to answer the question. How do you go from an OSM file to JSON or gpx? Which versions of Osmosis, QGIS etc are you using? How many nodes & ways are present in your filtered OSM file? Which platform are you running on (Windows, Max, Linux etc.)? There are just too many potential places where the problem could arise. Lastly I just wouldnt try to get the data this way: I'd push the OSM extract into PostGIS with osm2pgsql & pull that data into QGIS. It's fast & it works.

(02 Jun '14, 15:18) SK53 ♦

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