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Hi I've been mapping a big solar power plant but I'm not sure which landuse I should use. In the wiki for power=plant landuse=industrial is recommended but there is grass between the panels which gets mowed by farmers so landuse=meadow would fit too.

Thanks for your advice

asked 23 May '14, 11:17

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This is a case where the blurring of landuse and surface gets annoying. The use of the land is clearly industrial, so landuse=industrial should be used. As you describe it, the surface in that area is grass, so surface=grass would be logical. The issue will probably be that (if I remember correctly) surface=grass isn't usually rendered (although landuse=grass and landuse=meadow often are), so you may not get the satisfaction of seeing the green area show up on the main OSM map. But, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you've correctly described the data!

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answered 23 May '14, 15:55

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I agree with using surface=grass. If the tag is used by itself, I also recommend adding area=yes, though.

(24 May '14, 11:46) Tordanik

wasn't a real blurring of landuse and landcover because it is used for power generation and agriculture. If I wanted to tag the landcover of this area I would use landcover=grass (no approved feature, but for me better than surface)

(25 May '14, 17:07) Hedaja

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