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how to install the map in my gps enabled smart phone to get it work like a gps device??

asked 21 May '14, 15:09

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What sort of phone is it?

(21 May '14, 15:13) SomeoneElse ♦

Arkafalcon9, as SomeoneElse noted you need to tell a little bit more about your smart phone. At least the operating system. Is it Android, Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad), a Windows mobile, Blackberry, or something else? The thing is to "install the map" you need to install an application, which are tailored for each operating system. Without that information we can't help you but much.

(23 May '14, 17:42) jaakkoh

You need both software and data. A smartphone alone is not enough. You can see OSM as the data, but you need a third party for the software to use that data. As far as I know, no smartphone comes with preinstalled software that can use OSM data

Take a look at , it contains a long list of programs for different types of smartphones. Some programs are free, for other you have to pay.

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answered 22 May '14, 06:01

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This depends on your smartphone, namely its operating system (OS). I'm using Androids and don't have very much experience with other current mobile OSs. My two top recommendations for using maps on Android are:

  • OsmAnd as a general map application. It allows you to download vector data of complete countries to your phone's memory (or the SD card), which then allows you to view and navigate with the phone using OSM data even when you don't have data connectivity (no coverage, roaming or what ever reason). OsmAnd is rich in features making it possible to navigate (i.e. get routing instructions for car, bicycle and walking), viewing also map tiles (map styles created by various people and projects/companies), you can add Points-of-Interest (POIs) directly to OSM with it or make OSM Notes (report map bugs) when something is wrong or missing on the map, you can add your favorite points, measure distances, and a lot more.
  • Skobbler's GPS Maps & Navigation is an easy way to get going -- for car navigation.

There are a number of other good options for more specific uses. But this will get you started well. As for more if you have more specific needs of if there is something about these that doesn't fit you.

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answered 23 May '14, 18:37

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