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I've at the moment the following problem: I try to map a riding stable. I think the problem is more generally because farmyards have the same mapping problem. Maybe also for big industrial areas.

Whats also the content? The area is continues and contains different buildings.

  1. the residential house
  2. some stable buildings
  3. riding halls
  4. riding sqares
  5. paddocks
  6. circles to move horses
  7. List item hitching posts and hitching points
  8. List item cleaning areas
  9. maschine garages
  10. barns
  11. huts
  12. tracks
  13. service ways
  14. fences
  15. gates
  16. ...

The wiki has to give different hints how to map a stable, but not how to do it in best practise so also the osm map will be shown in a good way and openroute service or openmaplink can use it.

What I think how to map it correctly in a good way? I feel to use a relation? What should the correact relation?

The situation: 1. one big area fenced to the real outer border (without gras lands). 2. I tag the area with name, address:housenumber, website amenity=stables, leisure=horse_riding, address:postcode. I think postcode can be removed. I related the area as house to a assosiatedStreet realtion. 3. I created at the entrance a point in the outer line of the area and give them the address:housenumber also (bad idea?) 4. I created for all buildings and places simple areas and tag them as described in wiki. I didn't use any address field at all here. All building and places are inside of the area.

Why I used address for the area: In germany not the house is the addresse, it's the area which contains the address.

I feel to use now a address realation to move all information which are generally to the whole area to the relation itself. Maybe also it is possible to use a poi object? Any other suggestion how to Or should I use the residential as the main item for all the stuff and try to relate all to this building? How to map the address:housenumber as the best only one time? questions over questions....

If a address item is not tagged (postcode, city) , how exatcly it is "calculated"? From residential area? assosiated street?

asked 21 May '14, 13:14

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It might be useful to include a link to what you've done so far (if you don't mind!) as it will enable explicit rather than just theoretical suggestions.

(21 May '14, 13:16) SomeoneElse ♦

for the address calculation question: see

in short the following techniques are used:

  • the area or boundary (e.g. postcode boundaries in Germany, or country boundaries) around the item
  • the nearest item (e..g. the street, a city node, a county node)
  • (partly) via the associatedStreet relation. With partly I mean: the street is picked from the associatedStreet relation (first street segment in the relation), the rest of the address is not taken from the associatedStreet relation
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answered 21 May '14, 15:38

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