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Hi everyone.

Does anybody knows how could be a map downloaded from OSM showing no buildings? I just want the road network with no amenities or stuff.

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Thanks in advance!

asked 21 May '14, 05:00

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OCA Hake
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Please ask a new "question" for your second question.

(22 May '14, 00:45) aseerel4c26 ♦

Please ask only one question per page. This is a Q&A tool, not a forum or a mailing list.

About the road map, check out this list:

especially the Stamen maps where you could find what you are looking for.

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answered 21 May '14, 09:28

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I guess you have to build your own rendering style to leave out the buildings.

For the JOSM questions: short answer is no (easy way). However you could download via Overpass only those objects that interests you. With different queries, you can download different objects in different layers

Note that working with different layers might cause problems when you edit nodes that are common to those layers.

Or you could use filters to hide stuff in which you are not interested. This is much easier

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answered 21 May '14, 06:01

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This should be moved to the new question, when OCA has asked it.

(22 May '14, 00:45) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks you very much for the replies and sorry for the double question.

I have use the filters availables in JOSM to clean the map. I cannot save the map just with the seen data, but it will be enough for me.

(22 May '14, 05:13) OCA Hake

Indeed, even with filters active, all data will be saved. If you want to save only certain data (from JOSM), look into the Overpass plugin for JOSM. Using that plugin, you can use an Overpass Query to download only certain types of objects, or objects with certain tags. Then you can save only those objects from JOSM (

But maybe you should look into setting up your own DB, based on a planet extract that contains just the data you need.

(22 May '14, 05:46) escada

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