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Hi there, i'm just wondering about if is it possible to create a new road on the Map just importing a GPX track.

I'm able to load and see my GPX tracks on the map, but it seems the only possible way to create a road from them it's to re-drawing them manually...

Thanks for every answer :)

asked 20 May '14, 08:50

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See the general tips in the Beginner's Guide as well as these similar questions:

Re-drawing (tracing) GPX tracks is intended because GPX tracks contain errors. They are not smooth, they may jump from times to times, they contain "rat's nests" whenever you stop or drive slowly, and they don't start or end exactly at other roads already contained in OSM. Converting such GPX tracks would result in very poor roads. Therefore each road should be drawn manually.

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answered 20 May '14, 09:48

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Yes you do have to redraw them manually. Most traces have a few inaccurate and false signals that need to be left out. The road type needs to be selected, so just using a trace would not work too well. We should, when drawing the road compare it to the background imagery such as bing. The wiki on editing will give more information.

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answered 20 May '14, 09:41

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Excepted innacuracy and errors, the most important thing is that you have to integrate the new highway inside the existing OSM data. It becomes very rare to see a route completely missing in OSM and you will have to split your trace and add only the missing segments (and plz, connect the junctions and don't create overlapping/duplicates when you convert the GPX to a way)

(20 May '14, 15:54) Pieren

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