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A few weeks ago, I created a node for a water park in Belize. You can see the node in the editing interface here:

I created it according to the instructions on the wiki here:

But it still hasn't shown up on the map:

What did I do wrong?

asked 18 May '14, 03:03

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It must be one of those tags that the main openstreetmap map has chosen not to display at any zoom level. The usual reason given is that the map would appear too cluttered with all tags displayed, so they have chosen to render the more useful tags.

Perhaps in the future someone may design a map version of displaying the osm data where all tags will be displayed unless the area gets too cluttered at a particular zoom level and then a priority grading is given to rendering more useful tags in the cluttered area, but such a method also has drawbacks.

If you change the layer on the right side to use the opencyclemap you will see it displayed.

This site also displays it,%20-89.11385

permanent link

answered 18 May '14, 06:45

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Is there any way I can lobby for it to be displayed? It seems like water parks are usually fairly important attractions/landmarks.

(18 May '14, 07:37) kaldari

well, not exactly lobbying for it to be dislayed, but there is a proposal process for osm

Also have a read about the rendering process for the main maps

(18 May '14, 07:51) nevw

A proposal won't help. It has to be implemented in the rendering style sheet openstreetmap-carto where you also can create new issues for bugs and suggestions. This will require a GitHub account, though.

(18 May '14, 08:53) scai ♦

Thanks! I created an issue on github for it:

(19 May '14, 21:57) kaldari

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