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Is it possible to reuse an old multi relation for a new set of multi relations or is deleting the old multi relation and creating a complete new one the best way ? I hesitate to use the last method because it’s destroying old data.

asked 15 May '14, 14:09

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An example might help clarify the question here, perhaps?

(15 May '14, 14:37) SomeoneElse ♦

The large white island carries ID 3645243/5 outer, I wont to change it into for instance 3645243/0 because its the outer rim. But I did not find a method the change it other then remove the group 3645243.

(15 May '14, 20:47) Hendrikklaas

Note that if you're trying to fix why that island isn't rendered with the landuse=grass green, it's because the outer way isn't a closed loop. There's a break at this node:

(16 May '14, 00:21) alester

One of the inner loops is broken too.

(16 May '14, 02:41) cartinus

I'm not exactly sure what you mean with the "/5" and "/0" notation. Are you using that to represent where the way is located in the list of relation members? If so, there's nothing you need to do. For a multipolygon relation, the order of the members has no effect, so don't worry about it. As long as the roles have been set correctly, everything will work just fine.

If you feel you really need to reorder the members, even though it won't have any real effect, you can do it easily in the relation editor in JOSM.

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answered 16 May '14, 00:06

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Thanks guys, The 0 - 5 was ment for the order of the elements of the relation, Ill switch to JOSM to make the adjustments.

(16 May '14, 11:26) Hendrikklaas

But alester already correctly explained that changing the order is unnecessary.

(16 May '14, 12:45) scai ♦

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