Can you help me, after all data i inserted, it said :"Version mismatch: Provided 2, server had: 3 of Way 268133759"

What caused this to happen, and how can i prevent data los in future ?

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asked 13 May '14, 15:04

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See the answer to this previous question. Does that help?

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answered 13 May '14, 15:07

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That answers why, but doesent really provide how to find where error ocured.. Should i abandon my data now? I have optioh to restore but withought save...?

Thank you

(13 May '14, 15:44) BorisR

The "how" in the previous question was someone with two different browser windows open. In order to save your other data, in iD undo to before your most recent edit to way 268133759 and then try and save. To try and prevent the problem happening in the future, "save early and save often". That will mean that (if it does happen again) fewer changes are lost.

Of course, if you can find a way to reliably reproduce the problem in iD without opening multiple browser windows, I'm sure that the iD developers would be interested - the bug tracker is here.

(13 May '14, 16:00) SomeoneElse ♦
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