As per title , we want to setup country specific business directory and map service application base on osm data. We shall use ads and priority business listing as revenue generating and provide map services which include routing , transport , custom map for government and NGO etc. we have our own map server and planning to employ peoples to enhance and edit osm data to create more comprehensive map.

For such kind of business model what are the license terms that we have to comply and how to contribute back to open street map community.?

Regards Joe

asked 13 May '14, 15:02

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This should answer the question http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ

Also please pay attention that the OSM community is always skeptical about commercial contributors, as even with best intentions they might run into troubles due to the mix of interests. So maybe this small list of hints might help you.

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answered 13 May '14, 15:24

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I wouldn't agree that "the OSM community is always skeptical about commercial contributors". It's a very diverse community; there are a very wide range of views about absolutely everything (possibly including the earth being flat :) ).

(13 May '14, 15:27) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks you all for inputs. If I interpreted correctly form legal FAQ i need to attribute to osm and make available the derived data to public.

(13 May '14, 15:40) Joe1981
(13 May '14, 18:21) stephan75

@Joe1981 Please have a look how others dealed with that problem e.g. www.wheelmap.org and get in contact with your local OSM community to get some feedback on prototypes etc.

(14 May '14, 10:52) iii
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