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what should i use:

PostGis as a solution for getting a database populated by osm2pgsql or osmconvert / -filter to create csv-sheets

aimed is to transform data out of German osm-pbf-files - in order to get the data (not to creat maps again)

see the source (s)= ranging form 10 MB (Bremen) to 390 MB (Nordrhein Westfalen) the osm.pbf-files are not too big; Question: which method is the best - the most appropiate? - to store the results in a mysql-db or just have big calc-sheets (with csv-data)

asked 12 May '14, 14:25

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What data do you actually want? Could you describe it in a bit more detail, using words? That way people will be able to see how well that concept maps to OSM data and what manipulation would be needed at your end.

Also (given that you've asked a few questions here) perhaps a more interactive mechanism for asking questions (like the #osm IRC channel) might be a better option?

(12 May '14, 14:29) SomeoneElse ♦

hello dear Someone elsenode i want to have id="20" lat="574" lon="3.0"> <tag k="addr:housenumber" v="9"/> <tag k="addr:street" v="Marktplaats"/> <tag k="amenity" v="cafe"/> <tag k="email" v=""/> <tag k="name" v="Paviljoentje"/> <tag k="opening_hours" v="Mo-Su 09:00+; Tu off; Th 09:00-14:00"/> <tag k="phone" v="+3251636211"/> <tag k="website" v=""/> </node> <node id="244312208" lat="51.2461401" lon="5.4390455"> <tag k="amenity" v="cafe"/> <tag k="created_by" v="JOSM"/> <tag k="name" v="De Club"/> </node>

what do you think?

(12 May '14, 16:08) tagtheworld

This is XML, not CSV. Please explain exactly what data you are trying to extract and what your desired output format is.

(12 May '14, 16:28) scai ♦

@tagtheworld So you only want the XML for one node? What information do you have that you want to use to obtain that node (e.g. its ID in the OSM database, its location, its name, or something else)? Is this related to @say_hello_to_the_world 's question or something else?

(12 May '14, 17:46) SomeoneElse ♦

hello you both - thx alot for posting. well the final formate is calc-based or to view the data in phpmyadmin (or thelike). so i want to gather data out of the osm-data (the map-data) and need to have an oferview on e.g. the restaurants of germany. goal : to have a valid dataset with the adress etc. data of e.g. the restaurants. Question: which tool (set) is the best and which mehtod should be used? - love to hear from you both - btw. say-hello is identical. soorry - i wont repost a similarquestion onaother board again...

(12 May '14, 18:09) say_hello_to...

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