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When entering a name for a place is it better to enter it as a "place' or an "area" (I'm using the online/browser editor)? For instance, when I am putting in a beach resort, do I mark out the area and then call the area the name of the resort, or do I just choose "place" and put the name there? Or do I do both? Same can be said of a church compound or a college.

I am thinking of who GPS and other mapping programs use the information when one searches for XYZ Resort or for ABC church. Obviously it would be better to mark out the entire area. But do the programs search for areas as well as points?

A corollary: If one is preferred, then do I delete the other as redundant if on the map?

asked 12 May '14, 07:06

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Bruce in Iloilo
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I think your question is quite similar/rendundant to those already answered questions:

What do you think? Clear now?

(12 May '14, 11:20) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, it is now clear. Particularly helpful was,_one_OSM_element

whose link was contained in

Should I use POIs or areas to identify shops?

(16 May '14, 14:15) Bruce in Iloilo

@Bruce in Iloilo, thanks for the feedback!

(16 May '14, 20:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

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Hi Bruce in Iloilo, I like to go here :

then I click the "Find in this window" in my browser to find this link :

with this description and more links :

Use leisure=beach_resort to mark the boundary of a managed beach, including the relevant section of beach, together with associated facilities such as toilets, showers, lifeguard, lockers, changing facilities and possibly kiosks, parking, bars, and restaurants. The facility may have a physical barrier delineating the boundary and may require payment of a fee. Use natural=beach for areas of sand next to the sea or to water which are not managed. How to Map

Create an area around the resort and tag it with leisure=beach_resort and optionally also with name=, website= etc. Is a supervised section of sea is set aside for swimming then tag this area with the supervised= tag rather than the entire resort and if boats, or possibly motorboats are banned the add boat=no or motorboat=no as appropriate. Useful tags to describe elements within the resort: amenity=bar barrier= (for a barrier around the resort, or part of the resort) natural=beach For the area of beach, together with surface= boat=, motorboat= etc to indicate rules around usage fee= amenity=restaurant amenity=shop, with shop=* supervised=yes/interval (proposal) amenity=shower

hth Gys

permanent link

answered 12 May '14, 09:56

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Gys de Jongh
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As far as I understand, the question is not asking for the usual tag (which is what your answer is about).

(12 May '14, 11:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

Gys de Jongh thanks. Your reply was useful to this newbie even if it didn't answer my question.

(16 May '14, 14:04) Bruce in Iloilo

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