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Under Riding it has a lot of useful tags involving riding horses. I don't see a tag that is for a horse only rental. These places are generally fairly large with open spaces. The closest I can find is the Horse boarding, animal_boarding. This means bringing your own animal to their facilities which isn't always the case when one goes to rent a horse to ride. I want to know the best practice for tagging a horse only rental business. Thanks

asked 11 May '14, 08:38

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Correspoding to the access key I guess: access=no , horse=yes ?

(11 May '14, 08:49) iii

I don't think access=no would be appropriate for a rental business.

(11 May '14, 09:17) frankthetankk

You are right, maybe access=permissive would match, but this depends on the situation. Otherwise just switch all other access=* vehicles off.

(11 May '14, 10:45) iii

There are a small number of places tagged amenity=riding_school, which is a typical (British) description of a place where one can ride a horse for a fixed time period. These places mainly cater for children but some adults use them. It may be difficult to separate such establishments from livery stables (1 example) which offer rented stabling for horses. In practice many riding schools will also offer livery facilities.

Other types of establishment which involve horse riding, but on animals which have been hired, would not be included in the above tags. These might include: pony trekking (1 example), Dude Ranches, and not doubt others.

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answered 11 May '14, 11:04

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What about in America, what is the best practice for tagging a Horse Only Rental business?

I couldn't any wiki info about amenity=riding_school. Technically, what I am asking is not a "school" but a place where you pay money to rent a horse for fixed time, either with a guide or without one.

(12 May '14, 04:27) frankthetankk

If you plug "rental" into taginfo, then you can see that for most rental businesses the form amenity=something_rental is used. There are however currently only 5 amenity=horse_rental tagged in the world.

If for some reason the amenity tag is already used on the object you want to tag or if they rent out multiple kind of things, then the common form to tag rentals is something_rental=yes. In your case horse_rental=yes.

Edit: In this previous question tourism=trail_riding_station is mentioned. It's used 287 times.

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answered 12 May '14, 13:15

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