I want to add a series of piers to a coastline. I drew the line I needed but I cannot seem to find where to set it as a pier, although I see others are already setup this way. Where is the pier attribute?

asked 09 May '14, 19:55

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Marie in Belize
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If you want to know, how to add the correct tag (man_made=pier) to the line, we need to know which editor you are using (ID, Potlatch2, JOSM,...).

(09 May '14, 21:14) Klumbumbus

You answered my question by saying the "tag" was man_made=pier. So I deleted the tags the system had put in (bikes and horses!), added this one and now it shows up fine. One down - 25 to go!! Thank you.

(09 May '14, 21:48) Marie in Belize

In the iD editor, which it looks like you're using, after you've drawn a line the box at the top left will say "search". Type "pier" in there (or the name of any other feature) and a list of candidates will appear below. In your case, "pier" will be at the top of the list. Select that, and you've added a pier.

Although it's not visible by default in the editor, the actual internal tag used within OpenStreetMap is "man_made=pier". You can see that on the browse page for the one just to the north of your new one.

(I'm guessing which are your edits based on the fact that there have only been two recent edits in Belize and only one of those added a pier).

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answered 09 May '14, 21:40

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See the osm pier tag http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:man_made%3Dpier

Very small piers as shown in josm below are barely discernible on the main osm map

josm view osm

but larger structures appear ok

alt text alt text

Check tags on Brighton Pier alt text

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answered 09 May '14, 20:19

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edited 09 May '14, 21:39

You could inspect one of the existing piers in edit mode. and follow the advice linked by nevw

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answered 09 May '14, 20:28

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