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I need to get coordinates at certain interval from a way. This is only possible when there are continous nodes from a way. Now I just can put the nodes manually to a way. Is there any possibility to draw nodes/coordinates automatically at certain interval(i.e. every 10 meters) to a way?

asked 09 May '14, 12:21

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This sounds odd. For what do you need those nodes exactly?

(09 May '14, 12:25) scai ♦

indeed, this looks a lot like tagging/mapping for the data consumer

(09 May '14, 12:39) escada

Thanks for the fast answer.

I need actually the coordinates of ways for speed limit App, so that I can compare the coordinates from GPS with the coordinates from the road to determine the speed limit of the road. Until now, the coordinates are only available where the nodes are drawed, Thats why I want to draw nodes or coordinates at certain interval, so I can get continous info of the speed limit from the road.

(09 May '14, 13:05) lovindair

Please don't change the data solely because of your app. Computing these intermediate nodes within your app is a fairly easy task and the only sensible solution. Otherwise you would pollute OSM's database with lots of unnecessary information.

(09 May '14, 13:14) scai ♦

Of course I use it offline. I will not upload my modified map to OSM database, I just ask if thers is any possibility to draw it automatically in JOSM.

(09 May '14, 13:22) lovindair

Even if you do it for your own app, in your own database, it's an insane job to do that for every road. As scai said, let de software compute the nearest (the one you are driving on) road for your current GPS position.

(09 May '14, 13:32) escada
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There are already opensource apps that are able to evaluate maxspedd values from vector data maps and do a compare with current position when going in the field with a device gps enabled.

For example, have a look at Osmand

So your solution by creating artificial nodes (even internally and offline) sound a bit easy, but it is not a clear solution.

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answered 09 May '14, 13:30

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thanks, I'll look into it.

(09 May '14, 13:42) lovindair

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