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A particular supermarket chain is open every day of the year except Easter (Paschal Sunday, if you prefer) and Christmas. I can figure out how to set opening_hours to show that they're closed on Christmas, but how do you do that for a moving holiday such as Easter?

The wiki doesn't indicate that a holiday name is acceptable.

*Note: I edited this to change the question in order to make it more generic. The original title was: "How to set opening_hours to reflect a business is closed on Easter (open on many other public holidays)?"

asked 07 May '14, 21:38

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Jack the Ripper
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edited 08 May '14, 02:06

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aseerel4c26 ♦

The opening_hours specification accepts a comment enclosed in "". So your tag could look like opening_hours=24/7 "except Easter".

But in my opinion this is only a workaround because it is hard to parse. Instead the specification should be extended to accept more holidays than just PH and SH. But it would have to be somehow generic in order to accept any local holiday in the world and not just the common ones.

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answered 08 May '14, 07:41

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Depending on which error seems to be more severe to users, a tagging with opening_hours=24/7; PH off "closed only on Easter" may be preferable. Is arriving at a closed store a bigger problem than needing to navigate to another supermarket which is really 24/7?

(08 May '14, 12:51) aseerel4c26 ♦

Truthfully I can't say I'm thrilled with either option. However, since the spec doesn't take into account non-fixed holidays, I might end up with one.

However, I'm going to leave it 'unanswered' for a few more days in case someone comes up with another alternative.

(09 May '14, 04:13) Jack the Ripper

A general solution would have to deal with holidays that use other calendars too (e.g. Hebrew, Islam, etc.). I once dealt with an international telephone system and the billing system was the worst part. Ended up requiring manual operation at least once a year to enter all the national holidays for the countries where calls could originate (calls were charged based on local time, local day of week and local holidays). A non-trivial task and I suspect that the opening_hours syntax cannot be made to cover all cases.

(09 May '14, 05:28) n76

Since no one has come up with a better answer, and sft's comment makes sense, I'll "accept" scai's answer because I think it's a better overall solution, but will probably end up using aseerel4c26's suggestion because it seems to fit this specific case better.

Thanks for the feedback!

(25 Jul '14, 22:50) Jack the Ripper

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