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im trying to add waterways and islands in an area.I dnt have much idea about it,still i made waterways after a long try.But there is an island in the river.I marked the island area as landuse.But still its shown as apart of river.can anybody help with this? Pls tell me the correct n easiest way to draw waterways and islands etc.

the part now editing

asked 06 May '14, 13:12

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Hello, your question is answered in this thread with specific reference to the iD editor :- Specificaly your outer ways should be all joined together, either as individual ways or (which should be easiest), one continuous way, and all tagged as waterway=riverbank. The island drawn as a continuous way and tagged as landuse=residential. A multipolygon can then be created by selecting all ways at the same time, with the river banks as outer roles and island as an inner role. Check the roles after creating the multipolygon. As is explained here :- This is a fairly simple procedure in JOSM but iD might not be so.

Also with regard to this particular water way, the new waterway should be joined to the existing waterway Periyar to make the various sections of water one complete body. The middle new arm joins correctly but both the north west and the eastern arms do not. Lastly don't forget to add the two bridges to the road under which your new water flows.


PS If you still have trouble I can fix it for you, you'll then see how it could be achieved.

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answered 06 May '14, 19:25

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edited 06 May '14, 19:28


thanks a lot.this is what i want .: josm feels a bit complicated. And still i cant coorect the map.

(06 May '14, 21:18) muzirian

All done now, please have a look. Had quite a few problems resolving conflicts, found more problems as well. Possibly due to folk having a look to see what's wrong and moving things around. In the end had to correct just one thing at a time and upload it.

(07 May '14, 07:21) BCNorwich

Muzirian, be shure to connect both riverbanks together by cutting the river, stream or lake into, and please read these pages too,

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answered 06 May '14, 14:53

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edited 06 May '14, 15:00

I was looking for some info on the correct way to do this.

Thnks for the example,its a great reference.

(06 May '14, 17:19) muzirian

But in that example the islands are small and are tagged as farm meadow etc.But for the part which im editing has bigger islands with buildings roads etc it cant be tagged in whole as farmland mradow etc. How can u tell me how to split a water body into two streams so that it can flow around an island. Or can u take a look at this

this area has many parts like that.

(06 May '14, 17:38) muzirian

Made in P2, just for the creation of the multipolygonen with inner and outer. The 'outer' tag, has to be added last while the inners can be added on the job.

(06 May '14, 17:41) Hendrikklaas

i think we have problems in comunication

(06 May '14, 18:02) muzirian

I haven't used id for polygons I use Potlatch2. but the riverbank polygon needs to form a complete polygon, you can split the river in sections to do that, otherwise the polygon would be too big.It can't be tagged as a riverbank polygon until its end join up. The islands first and last node(s) must also join to become one. When both polygons are done they both have to be selected so cntl click both then select multipolygon. If you search these questions for islands you will get lots of similar Q and As. If you search the map for an island in a river you could carefully open your editor and use that as an example. I just tried to sort a bit of the riverbank with iD but i/you would need the plot an area not a line. So I have edited the section with potlatch2. This is the section I've re-done for you to study. for details see my editing note.

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answered 06 May '14, 14:30

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andy mackey
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edited 06 May '14, 19:50

there is some problem with potlatch for tagging areas with water.But it works fine with id and josm for me.

(06 May '14, 17:20) muzirian

Muzirian, some remarks, read the River pages in the Wiki. Please look at the ways carefully. I have added some. Theres a node in the river but different from the riverbanks name ? Connect the triangle ways and the riverbanks by selecting them and connect them. Read the Wiki as well. You have drawn single ways; a way has always to tags at each side, riverbank and forest. You’ll have to draw each line 2 times and connect them, look at the island. Please look at the work of other mappers in your area and communicate with them. Keep mapping and welcome

(07 May '14, 00:55) Hendrikklaas

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