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Hi there,

I'm writting an aricle for one of my Uni subject about quality of building in OSM.

My profesor ask me to check one thing:

Having the building footprints and more details such as number of storeys, absolute height, colours, facade material, and roof structures allows to generate 3D building from OSM.

  • check this: 3D building or 3D building visualizations?

and i dont really know what does he mean by saying: check this: 3D building or 3D building visualizations?

Thanks, student

asked 02 May '14, 19:03

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when the assignment from my professor was not clear to me, I asked him for clarification

(02 May '14, 21:22) escada

It isn't very clear what question you'd like to be answered. If you ask in your own language it might help people to understand what it is you're asking.

(02 May '14, 21:49) SomeoneElse ♦

Perhaps your professor was thinking of something like

(02 May '14, 22:35) goldfndr

@goldfndr: I think it's much more likely that he meant something like

The best solution is to ask the professor for clarification, though.

(03 May '14, 09:12) Tordanik

First, let me say that (IMHO!) support forums as this or stackoverflow or ... aren't here to do your homework. I guess a simple websearch would point you to the right directions.

Anyway, concerning your question:
Yes, it's possible to do 3D processing using OSM. Even if our dataschema is 2D only, you are able to attach object properties that make it possible to create (simple) 3D representations for example: alt text

So the references you are looking for are:

Please keep in mind:

  • OSM itself doesn't contain 3D terrain informations (see for example instead)
  • OSM can't model very detailed 3D models within the OSM schema (see instead) and is usually limited to somewhat like LOD-2
  • the interpretation of various properties or map features can be slightly different from renderer to renderer ...
  • only a very small amount of (current) OSM world has 3D enriched buildings (compare for example taginfo building:levels=*)

Now it's up to you to write an summary for your Prof. ;)

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answered 03 May '14, 09:15

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