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Where there is a large area of grass with multiple sports pitches marked out on it (for example, for use by a school), should the whole thing be tagged as leisure=pitch, or just the individual pitches. If so, how should the rest be tagged?

asked 22 Feb '11, 16:11

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In general I only use the tag leisure=pitch for sports areas which have a permanent dedicated usage such as bowling greens, tennis courts, pitches in sports stadia, all-weather pitches with permanent markings, and baseball diamonds.

For multi-purpose amenity grassland used for sports pitches, such as most school playing fields, I prefer landuse=recreation_ground.

There are several reasons for doing this : (1) pitches often change location to reduce wear and tear on the grass; (2) summer and winter sports share the same area (football/hockey with cricket, for instance); (3) sports pitch usage can change from year to year (one group of pitches I know was rugby union, and is now used for football). Another possibility is landuse=grass, but I try and avoid using this for amenity grassland with a known purpose.

It may be possible to tag dedicated areas of the field, such as the cricket square, but I'm not aware of anyone having done so, and I'm not sure whether leisure=pitch is appropriate.

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answered 22 Feb '11, 16:29

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I've added pitches within a recreation ground before (though in this example not one used by a school). The big area in this recreation ground without pitches needed me to go back and survey football/cricket pitches.

(22 Feb '11, 17:03) EdLoach ♦

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