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Why do some places have house outlines with street numbers, and adjacent areas don't?

Specifically Palo Alto, CA has them. Parts of Los Altos Hills, CA have them, but most of Los Altos Hills doesn't.

asked 29 Apr '14, 04:59

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There might be imports but given how buildings and addresses have appeared in this area I think it is mainly a matter of where the local mappers are and what their focus is. For example, I've done lots of houses and addresses in Sunnyvale but other than correcting a few speed limits have done little in Los Altos. If/when I ever get my part of Sunnyvale done I might work west and get the southern part of Mountain View and Los Altos. Or maybe not.

I don't know how others do it but I find I pretty much have to walk each street to get the address numbers: Driving or bicycling I end up with only address ranges as I am moving too fast to get all the individual house numbers. So for me to gather the house numbers for a neighborhood I need to find reasonably close public parking then walk to the neighborhood and in some residential areas that can be quite a distance.

If your local neighborhood doesn't have house outlines or addresses, join in the fun. It can be time consuming but isn't all that hard.

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answered 29 Apr '14, 06:36

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Use HD camra to record as you move though a neighborhood.

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answered 29 Apr '14, 06:58

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In practical terms I've never been able to decipher a house number with 1080P recordings other than in closeups. It might be slightly better with 4K but I doubt it. Which leaves pointing a still camera (or a couple to cover 360°) at the houses, which in a number of regions of the world tends not to go down all too well.

(29 Apr '14, 10:31) SimonPoole ♦

I've been questioned by the local law enforcement about what I was doing having simply walked the streets with a clipboard writing down numbers, so I'd guess taking a photo of each house would not go down well either. I find that pressing the audio record button on OSMTracker and speaking the number (and using the hands free microphone) as I walk by makes me innocuous. Everyone is used to people talking to themselves on the phone nowadays.

(29 Apr '14, 16:14) n76

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