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Hi I am absolute beguinner with java, which likely is the reason for my question. I want to generate a .map from a .osm or from a *.pbf, to then be used in Locus. Osmosis downloaded, Java RTE and JDK installed. The wiki gives the hint on the Locus page: osmosis --read-pbf "hungary.osm.pbf" --mapfile-writer file="" Hot to really execute this?

Without further help, I managed to run Osmosis with some Tasks, but not with the one to make MAP files. The following line is started from a .BAT: C:\OSM\osmosis\bin\osmosis.bat -plugin --read-xml file="C:\OSM\south-africa-and-lesotho-latest.osm" --mapfile-writer file="C:\OSM\" --bounding-box top=-29.85 left=30.9 bottom=-29.9 right=31.1

It starts osmosis, loads the plugin, starts read, but then comes the following error: alt text

Please advise, what is wrong and must be changed. It can´t be too much wrong. Thanks a lot.

I assume, these are some rather basic questions, but I am trying to get this osmosis running since some hours and become desperate.

Thanks for some hints. Dieter

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asked 27 Apr '14, 20:05

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Just checking - you're using Windows?

(27 Apr '14, 20:32) SomeoneElse ♦

I think this looks fairly straightforward. The --bounding-box command is not receiving any input.

The osmosis options need to be applied in order as each flagged parameter is a step in a pipe. So:

  1. Read the input file & output to a pipe
  2. Read an input pipe, clip the boundaries to a given bbox, output to a pipe
  3. Read an input pipe, write to an output file in a given format

When I first used Osmosis I often actually used to run each step separately, saving the intermediate result as file until I got used to the need to manage process order. You can name piped input & output , but this tends to make the osmosis command line even more unwieldy.

So I think you command line should read:

C:\OSM\osmosis\bin\osmosis.bat -plugin --read-xml file="C:\OSM\south-africa-and-lesotho-latest.osm" --bounding-box top=-29.85 left=30.9 bottom=-29.9 right=31.1 --mapfile-writer file="C:\OSM\"
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answered 03 May '14, 14:33

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