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a mapper has gone mad is eliminating all points bitcoin exchanger, without knowing what they are

asked 26 Apr '14, 16:06

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Adder: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/bitkoin Remover: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Stemby

Looking at the info that has been added (name, website, payment:bitcoin), I really can't say what has been mapped.

(26 Apr '14, 16:22) RM87

Lots of nodes all containing just a name tag, a payment:bitcoin tag and a website tag. What are they supposed to represent? Do they correspond to any physical object? If so, where are the missing tags for this object? So far they don't contain any useful information at all.

(26 Apr '14, 16:29) scai ♦

Hence the question is: How do I report a mapper that threat?

(26 Apr '14, 16:51) bitkoin

This has already been answered several times. Type vandalism in the search field above and read through the results.

(26 Apr '14, 21:27) scai ♦

In other questions it has already been pointed out that OSM is not a business directory and certainly not a directory of suppliers accepting bitcoin(s). If the objects added by user Bitkoin contained no verifiable information regarding location (i.e., something more than name and a website) then the edits by user Stemby would be regarded as entirely reasonably removal of non-verifiable information.

I have not audited these objects myself, but given responses by RM87 and scai who are OSM contributors in good standing, these are undoubtedly bad edits.

Instead of asking how to block another user, you should ask yourself : "Are my edits consonant with OSM's stated objective of on-the-ground verifiability?" If you cannot answer this question satisfactorily then I would stop adding such data. Continued abuse of OSM data and resources to provide information suitable only for bitcoin directories and not geographical databases is likely to result in a block, but not of the user removing these items.

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answered 26 Apr '14, 21:34

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SK53 ♦
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all points had a precise physical address all professionals who wanted to be paid in bitcoins via IM contact that managed the value of bitcoin these very serious professionals, they realized that you too are handled by banks why do not you want to accept bitcoin exchanger we go to another site and we leave you with your rules dictated by the banks good luck

(26 Apr '14, 21:44) bitkoin

A bank has a physical presence on the ground. Your bitcoin payments either did not, or lacked the appropriate tags (such as shop, in which case the name tag should contain the name of the shop and not Punto bitcoin).

(26 Apr '14, 21:58) scai ♦

"we go to another site" -- Ok, bye!

(27 Apr '14, 12:06) Richard ♦

For some reason, there is a recent-ish wave of bitcoin-focused edits, whose low quality annoys a lot of caring contributors.

If you want your bitcoint edits to be welcomed, make sure that 1) they correspond to a real physical shop/office location (the home of some guy that has an online business doesn't count) 2) all the relevant info is tagged (what kind of shop ? do they really accept bitcoin and nothing else ?) 3) there is no subjective information (marketing slogans, etc).

(28 Apr '14, 10:22) Vincent de P... ♦
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