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I have added the Town Hall and a Community centre to the map in Cullompton, Devon. Although they have been there a long time (months) they are not displaying on the "standard" layer, only on the "humanitarian" layer. I assume that this is a deliberate feature, but who decided this? It seems to me that the location of the town hall and the community centres are quite important. I could remove the "amenity=town" (or community_centre in the other case) but it seems wrong to remove potentially useful data. The location of the Town Hall is here:

asked 26 Apr '14, 12:41

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"I assume that this is a deliberate feature"

Why do you assume this? OSM is a volunteer project and limited by the time its volunteers have available.

(26 Apr '14, 12:51) Richard ♦

Because I assume that the volunteers are all very dedicated and clever :-)

(26 Apr '14, 13:23) nhsavage

The isues list for the "standard" OpenStreetMap style is here.

Previously, anything that had a name was rendered on the map, which resulted in some things appearing which really didn't belong there. Things that should be rendered are being added back, but there are still a few issues there along the lines of "please restore rendering of XYZ names" - I'm guessing that yours might be similar.

Have a look and see if anyone else has logged it. If they haven't, create a new issue for it (if you don't have a Github login then mention that in a comment here and someone can add it for you).

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answered 26 Apr '14, 13:01

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Thanks, that is helpful. I do have a github login, so I will try and get around to finding the login details, and getting my head around the reporting system (I am very new to Git and I really don't like - I'm getting old I think)

(26 Apr '14, 13:18) nhsavage

I have now opened ticket #506

(26 Apr '14, 16:24) nhsavage

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