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are instructed to insert the shops / consulting services that accept bitcoin currency in These citizens have a web page that explains the benefits that they offer to those who pay in bitcoin.

My question is this:
we were advised by a certain Leonardo of your organization that points bitcoin containing website may be deleted from because SPAM How can these customers use the tag "website" indicating their activity without being spam?

asked 26 Apr '14, 12:04

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I'm a bit concerned about the image on the end of the page:

Is it really "Approved by Openstreetmap Help"?

(26 Apr '14, 13:24) DarkSwan_Import

Naturally not.

(26 Apr '14, 13:30) SimonPoole ♦

We've noticed that you have added an OpenStreetMap logo and indication that you have approval from OSM for your operations.

As this is not the case please be so kind and remove this from your site. Thank you

(26 Apr '14, 13:35) SimonPoole ♦

the answer is in this topic

(26 Apr '14, 13:44) bitkoin

The logo was published to prevent any member of your organization to come and ask for an explanation in chat dedicated to customers

(26 Apr '14, 13:51) bitkoin

Now it's changed, good. There is a big difference between "read here" and "approved by". BTW, i am the one that contacted you on the chat.

(26 Apr '14, 13:55) DarkSwan_Import

yes, that those who use the brain, he understands that there are no violations, so that the tag "website" is not used to make spam

(26 Apr '14, 13:57) bitkoin

the logo it's a open source

(26 Apr '14, 19:25) bitkoin

The looking glass logo is a registered trademark of the 0SMF. Naturally we give permission for appropriate use by the 0SM community, however explictly or implicitly implying endorsement or approval by the OSMF or making statements to such effect, is clearly not permitted use.

(26 Apr '14, 20:29) SimonPoole ♦
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There's a section in the "good practice" wiki page that says what is a good thing to map and what isn't. If something's a physical business location (shop or office for example) that also happens to have a website and also happens to accept bitcoin, then it's perfectly sensible to map these in OpenStreetMap.

However, if the business is entirely virtual, and doesn't have a physical location that can be verified by other mappers by walking past, then it's not a good idea to map them. There have been examples of entirely virtual businesses adding themselves to OSM in the middle of a public square in London (because they're based in London, although not obviously in that square) and then getting deleted because in the physical world they simply don't exist.

OpenStreetMap isn't primarily a directory of businesses (either bricks-and-mortar or web only) - it's a record of things that exist in the physical world and are verifiable by other mappers. This obviously includes verifiable bricks-and-mortar businesses, but not web-only ones.

Something that would NOT be valid to add to OSM would be something that wasn't a physical business, and was just advertising a web page of bitcoin services. However, that sort of spam gets deleted fairly quickly when local mappers notice it.

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answered 26 Apr '14, 12:16

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The companies all have a physical address and use tag "website" are ok.

(26 Apr '14, 12:20) bitkoin

Are the premises (a) generally open to the public and (b) reasonably substantial?

(26 Apr '14, 12:25) Richard ♦

@bitkoin Yes (provided they're verifiable to other mappers of course), but with a couple of caveats.

Any attempt at SEO via OSM tags will generally be frowned upon by other mappers (OpenStreetMap isn't really an "organisation", it's just "lots of people mapping things").

If you add tags that say that shop X is the best place to buy Y in a particular area, then that's pretty spammy and another mapper might change it, but if you just add shop X as a type of shop that sells Y, then that should be fine.

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answered 26 Apr '14, 12:26

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