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Hi currently I am working on a project where I have to draw city boundaries. So I don't know where to retrieve those data for UK city and towns. Any answer would be grateful. Exactly like this

Thank you in advance.

asked 24 Apr '14, 15:20

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I suspect Zoopla are creating boundaries based on postal codes. OpenStreetMap has this Borough relation for Harrow which as you can see is not the same as Zoopla are using for the town of Harrow. Looking at this website suggests they are using HA1, HA2 and HA3 as the Harrow boundary.

As such you probably can't get the information out of OpenStreetMap. You could start with the Ordnance Survey CodePoint Open dataset and approximate your own boundaries for each postal area, but you'd still need to decide which postal areas map to which town. Perhaps there is a source for this already, but I don't know of one.

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answered 24 Apr '14, 15:44

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Maybe you can try the webservice from OSM user wambacher:

You can choose one or more boundaries depending on their admin_level, and do an export to many formats that gives you the outline of political borders.

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answered 25 Apr '14, 17:22

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