i e round hamburg or paris to perform a search request - let me say in the concentric area of 50 km round hamburg or - let me say paris....

/tmp$ osmconvert oberbayern-latest.osm.pbf --all-to-nodes -o=blablubbla_2.o5m
/tmp$ osmfilter blablubbla_2.o5m --keep="amenity=restaurant" -o=my_gooddata_.o5m
/tmp$ osmconvert my_gooddata_.o5m --csv="@id @lon @lat shop name addr:street addr:housenumber addr:city website email" --csv-headline | more
@id     @lon    @lat    shop    name    addr:street     addr:housenumber        addr:city       website email
29950894        11.7415509      48.3978074              Parkcafe        Am Wörth        23      Freising        http://www.parkcafe-freising.de
32559987        11.7841034      47.8785126              Waldrestaurant Maxlmühle        Maxlmühle       2       Valley  http://www.maxlmuehle.de/
33047448        11.1863664      47.9072486              Hirschberg-Alm
34034075        11.6704030      48.1169551              Zum Goldenen Stern      Gartenstadtstraße       6       München
34072038        11.6707224      48.1093154              Franziskaner Garten     Friedenspromenade       45      München http://www.franziskanergarten.de/[/code]

ia this doable with Osmconvert and filter?

look forward to hear from you

asked 23 Apr '14, 22:29

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Osmconvert supports polygons as boundary. Maybe you could use them.


BTW: you've posted the exact same question on the German forum just a few minutes ago. For the future please decide which channel you want to use for your questions. Crossposting is not really nice.


(23 Apr '14, 22:44) mmd
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