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Hi, I don't know if osm2pgsql ended, because it stopped at this point with no error and RAM memory size decreased a lot but I'm not sure if the process finished:

alt text

asked 23 Apr '14, 15:56

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How long has it been 'stopped'?

(23 Apr '14, 18:02) BarqsDew

At least 1 hour. The file .osm.pbf was ~400 MB (only Spain).

(23 Apr '14, 18:07) AnderOSM

When osm2pgsql is finished, it will report how long it took in seconds (e.g. Osm2pgsql took 14664s overall)

Looking at what has completed the rendering tables are finished, but the slim tables that are used for updates and reduced memory usage for the import are still not finished in your screenshot. More specifically, a large GIN index is built on planet_osm_ways.nodes. At this point, osm2pgsql doesn't need memory or CPU, but PostgreSQL does, as it's doing the work of building the index.

For future reference, if you are not planning on consuming diffs you can use the command line options --slim --drop to drop the slim tables once they're not longer needed. This will significantly speed up the import as it doesn't have to build indexes.

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answered 23 Apr '14, 19:23

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I'm new with this so I understand that I shouldn't have rebooted the computer - PostgreSQL was working. Ok. It was a trial so I will delete the database and start over.

But I don't understand what you say about --slim and --drop. I was doing a first import... I hadn't come to think about updating the data. Could you explain that to me?


(23 Apr '14, 19:27) AnderOSM

--slim/-s is used either when you don't have enough RAM to store all the data in it, or when you want to later update the database. The --drop option is for when you don't have enough ram to import in non-slim mode, but don't plan on later updating, but instead intend to reload the data later.

(27 Apr '14, 05:24) pnorman

Thank you, finally I run the script a second time and, after 6.5 hours, I had all Spain's data imported.

(27 Apr '14, 23:54) AnderOSM

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