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Hi I am in doubt, a stream flows below a man_made= (railway) embankment through a tunnel, an eco_passage. Should every way or building on top of the embankment be tagged layer=1, there several ways and a wall=noise_barrier with 2 terraces / bridges ? The stream is tagged tunnel=building_passage to pass the embankment.

asked 23 Apr '14, 12:54

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Why changing every element above the stream instead of just adding layer=-1 to the stream? Additionally I'm not sure if tunnel=building_passage is valid for waterways.

(23 Apr '14, 13:19) scai ♦

Could always just use tunnel=yes. Depending on the size of the tunnel, might want to consider tunnel=culvert.

(23 Apr '14, 18:02) neuhausr

Since embankment is heigher over the usual level I doubted. The tunnel=building_passage makes sence with a building, a civil element as bridge, tunnel or whatever theyre called are buildings. Made out of masonry, concrete or steel. Most of the time they even have a room inside, for maintanance and storage. These civil works are drawn by using the original drawings to get the right size and details. A plastic or metal tube gets tunnel=culvert, layer=-1, yes

(23 Apr '14, 21:06) Hendrikklaas

I'm not able to follow you.

(23 Apr '14, 21:20) scai ♦

@Hendrikklaas: Can you post a link to the location you're talking about? We might be able to give better advice if we can see exactly what you're wanting to tag.

(23 Apr '14, 21:24) alester

Hi, take a look here, the tiles dont look right

(24 Apr '14, 00:02) Hendrikklaas

if the tiles don't "look right", that's probably a rendering issue and you can file a bug regarding the mapnik rendering. the point is to tag the data accurately, and I don't see how building=bridge or building=wall make sense in this situation. can you link to a photo of this location or something similar?

(24 Apr '14, 15:14) neuhausr

I only see one instance of ways crossing, and that's the stream running beneath the railway lines. You've tagged the stream as layer=-1, so there really isn't any need to tag the other objects with the layer tag at all (ie. leave them as implied layer=0).

Also, if you've tagged the stream as running through a tunnel, there's no need to have a bridge mapped at all. It's either a stream running through a tunnel, or the railway lines crossing a bridge above the stream. It needn't (can't?) be both. You've also tagged some objects as building=terrace, but this seems very unlikely at that location.

(24 Apr '14, 17:07) alester

There are other problems nearby, too. For example, the stream that runs beneath the railway isn't connected to the one to the northeast tagged as "stream=date 2015", which is an odd tag.

(24 Apr '14, 17:11) alester
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