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Hello there ! ;)

I manage an OSM map for a client website, with some custom features on it.

This client want me to add a specific layer on the map. This layer should be made of HD photos : basically, I have a whole french region to integrate as HD photos.

I saw on OSM website that we can have multiple layers, but those are more like specific color schemes with specific data on it (classic layer, another layer which is dedicated to public transportation, etc...) :

alt text

Is it possible to have two layers like this on my map :

  1. Classic OSM map with my custom data
  2. Specific layer with HD photos on it, with no other data ?

Thanks a lot in advance !


asked 22 Apr '14, 15:40

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Em P
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Of course this is possible as long as you are able to place your photos at the corresponding geographic location. The layers you mentioned are just images, too.

(22 Apr '14, 16:39) scai ♦

On the OSM map for a client website that you currently manage, what Javascript library (e.g. OpenLayers or Leaflet) do you currently use, or do you do something else altogether?

(22 Apr '14, 17:05) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse : I use Leaflet, sorry I though I mentioned it.

@scai : I don't have any idea how to do that. I understand it's just a layer of images, should I use to do this ?

Thank you both for your answer, cheers ! ;)

(03 Jun '14, 16:45) Em P

Just to clarify: by "HD photos" you mean orthophotos (aerial, georeferenced images that show the earth from above, possibly aquired by UAV/a human with a camera sitting in a plane/a camera strapped to a plane), or do you mean "some pictures some guy took while standing on the ground"?

(10 Jun '14, 16:44) gormo

Hi gormo, I mean orthophotos, sorry for the confusion ;)

(10 Jun '14, 16:46) Em P

Is this of any help ? or this ? Both add a layer that consists of a single (map) image.

or do you want something like and, where you have to click on a marker to open a popup with a photo ?

Both projects are open source and you could examine their code for inspiration

yet another approach is L.PhotoMarker is a Leaflet image marker. It takes src and size options, and displays the image as the marker icon.

permanent link

answered 04 Jun '14, 17:05

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Hi escada !

Thanks for the update and resources ;)

I want to achieve a dedicated layer displaying only HD photos, covering the entire map area. I guess your link pointing to gis.stackexchange will be helpful. I found this :

I'll try this and get back here to keep you posted.

Thanks !

(10 Jun '14, 15:51) Em P

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