How can I tag a pedestrian road that is accessible only to the residents, this is, people who are going to access their private parking?

Picture 1

Picture 2

I have seen a road tagged only like:


However, that doesn't explain that residents can access the road.

I have found this but I think it's only a proposal.

What should I do?

asked 21 Apr '14, 21:51

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access=private is probably good enough. Are you sure however that highway=pedestrian is appropriate? See

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answered 21 Apr '14, 22:06

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SimonPoole ♦
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highway=pedestrian is appropriate because it looks like a pedestrian way: pedestrians have priority and it's not asphalted but has flagstone pavement.

I understood access=private like a private road, but this is a public street in the middle of the city, so it is run by the city council as any other road in the city.

(22 Apr '14, 00:35) AnderOSM

access=private does not mean privately operated, it just means that there is no public access. highway=pedestrian is usually placed on inner-city shopping miles and it sounds to me that you should consider highway=footway instead.

(22 Apr '14, 08:59) Frederik Ramm ♦

I agree this should be based on access tags but I'm not sure whether access=private or access=destination (both current suggested answers) is more appropriate. You know the road best so should decide. For details see the wiki page:

(22 Apr '14, 10:52) EdLoach ♦

I think what AnderOSM is asking is about a pedestrian street where only local residents can access BY CAR (plz, confirm this AnderOSM)

(22 Apr '14, 12:26) Pieren

That's exactly, Pieren: a pedestrian street in which residents who own a parking spot can enter their car.

(22 Apr '14, 13:40) AnderOSM

I have uploaded two pictures so that you can understand the kind of street.

(22 Apr '14, 16:04) AnderOSM
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I think access=destination fits very well. It is very likely that not only residents are allowed to use the road, but visitors, customers, postman and similar people, too. Nevertheless access=destination prevents any transit traffic.

Since you want to limit the access restrictions for cars you have to start with an appropriate highway class. Consider using highway=residential.

Afterwards, you can add additional access restrictions depending on the local signs. Either choose the vehicle key if these restrictions apply to all vehicles (including bicycles) or add the motor_vehicle key if these restrictions only apply to motorized traffic.

Then, choose an appropriate access value. I think vehicle=destination or motor_vehicle=destination - depending on the local signs - fits very well. It is very likely that not only residents are allowed to use the road, but visitors, customers, postman and similar people, too. Nevertheless the destination value prevents any transit traffic of non-residents.

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answered 22 Apr '14, 07:27

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scai ♦
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But you forget that the street is pedestrian, that's the point. I have uploaded two pictures so that you can understand the kind of street.

(22 Apr '14, 16:04) AnderOSM

There is only the pretty-common vehicle=no sign combined with a second sign in a language which I cannot understand.

(22 Apr '14, 16:36) scai ♦

"Except garages, loading and unloading, 8-11" (in Basque and Spanish, I think).

(22 Apr '14, 17:13) SomeoneElse ♦

SomeoneElse is right (I'm surprised he knew it's Basque!). You can see that apart from the sign the street looks like a highway=pedestrian street.

(22 Apr '14, 17:26) AnderOSM

But I can't see any sign allowing residents to use the road.

(22 Apr '14, 18:42) scai ♦

"Except garages" in Spain means that only people who own a garage can access with their car through the pedestrian street.

(22 Apr '14, 21:09) AnderOSM

In that case highway=pedestrian with vehicle=destination could be an option but I'm very sure most routers won't handle this correctly. highway=residential with vehicle=destination and foot=designated is another valid option in my opinion.

(23 Apr '14, 07:38) scai ♦

I think that I'm pretty sure the road should be highway=pedestrian because it looks like that and it's like that most of the times.

For the residential access, I'm going for vehicle=destination and that's all.

I'm surprised that something that is very common in Spain is so confusing in OSM.

(23 Apr '14, 11:55) AnderOSM

Two mistakes with "vehicle=destination". See the definitions here:

"vehicle" includes bikes (are bikes fordiden here?). And "destination" allows anyone who wants to go to this street. See the wiki: "destination=Only when traveling to this element, e.g. customer parking lots.". This is wrong here since only the local residents can drive there. That's why I suggest to use "private" instead of "destination" (only the owners can go there). And "motor_vehicle" instead of "vehicle" to allow bicycles.

(23 Apr '14, 13:59) Pieren

At least in both the UK and Germany the sign shown in the picture also forbids riding bicycles. Spain doesn't have it's own road signs wiki page so I can't check that. Whether private fits better than destination depends on the exact wording of the local law.

(23 Apr '14, 14:31) scai ♦

destination=private makes sense.

And bicycles are forbidden according to Spanish law, I had to check it, but no one would ever stop a bicycle for riding that road.

(23 Apr '14, 16:05) AnderOSM

Not destination=private but vehicle=private.

Yes, here most would ride the road despite the sign, too. Especially because many don't know the exact meaning of this sign and think it applies only for motor vehicles. But nevertheless in OSM we have to tag the access conditions according to the local law.

(23 Apr '14, 16:14) scai ♦

My mistake, vehicle=private. I guess it's finally solved :)

(23 Apr '14, 16:18) AnderOSM
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Seeing the pictures, the street is mainly designed for pedestrians. I would still keep it as "highway=pedestrian" for the main tag (implies a "motor_vehicle=no" by default). About the local residents and deliveries, it is less common in OSM but there is a proposal you can find in the wiki:

especially the example with "highway=pedestrian" + "motor_vehicle:conditional=delivery..." (plus one "motor_vehicle=private" for locals)

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answered 23 Apr '14, 10:25

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After all discussion, I'm tagging the street as:


Thanks for all your help!

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