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Newbie mapist. How do you give a point of interest a specific icon that isn't offered by the drop-down menus. Bus Stops that have recently been added, for specific recent changes some now exist on the map some don't. I have added a point of interest but it remains sans icon.

asked 21 Apr '14, 10:20

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You don't mention which editor you're using, but in general, the presets are just there for convenience. You are not limited to those tags.

To enter other tags, you can click from Simple to Advanced (at the bottom of the tagging panel) in Potlatch 2. In iD, you can open the All Tags section, then click on the + to add more tags. Look through the Map Features page, or just search through the OSM wiki to find tags for the features you're mapping. There may be well developed tagging schemes for what you're doing. You may also be trying to add something not many people have mapped. If so, you might also try searching in taginfo to see what other mappers have done.

Not everything that is put in the OSM database is rendered on every map. For more info on this, see other questions like I have made edits but they don't show up on the map

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answered 21 Apr '14, 16:13

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tried both now. I await results but am not hopeful. The original erroneous information is supplied by Napta and looks for all the world to be immoveable. Their data are reasonably accurate but I noticed bus stops on a nearby motorway that does not allow stopping for anything except emergencies so wonder at the veracity of the information! Hey Ho.

(22 Apr '14, 12:36) Mr_Red

Could you provide a link to the "bus stops on the motorway"? Just move the map so that it shows the problem, and add the URL here.

(22 Apr '14, 12:57) SomeoneElse ♦

Are you referring to this bus stop? It has just a name and a note tag, but no highway=bus_stop tag. Add this tag and your bus stop should appear on the map. And you should remove the name=Bus Stop because the name should not be used for categories.

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answered 22 Apr '14, 16:44

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Actually, there are two nodes there. There's this one ("name=Bus Stop", but no "highway=bus_stop" tag) and there's this one (that does have a "highway=bus_stop" tag, but it's also been tagged with "designation=non-existant").

If there is really a westbound bus-stop there I'm not sure why "designation=non-existant" has been added to the NaPTAN-imported stop, and if there isn't I'm not sure why a new "name=Bus Stop" has been added?

When asking a specific piece of tagging like this it might be easier to discuss it in real time over IRC - that way there isn't a several-hours gap between replies. There are almost always people in the #osm and #osm-gb IRC channels that would be able to help, and you can use this link to use these IRC channels from your web browser.

(22 Apr '14, 18:29) SomeoneElse ♦

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