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Several abandoned railways in our area have been converted to multi-use trails. Many third party users of OSM data do not support semicolon separated values. So my question is; how to map these complex scenarios where trails have multiple uses and trails do not form a simple hierarchy:

Gordon Glaves Memorial Parkway in Brantford is a multi-use trail through parks and along riverbanks. Sites like expect a separate relations for each use (bicycle, hiking, inline_skating). This in itself; is not so difficult to code.

Some sections of the Gordon Glaves Memorial Parkway (GGMP) are part of Trans-Canada Trail (TCT); a cross-Canada multi-use trail that sometimes uses the shoulder of rural roads.

How is it best to map relations for GGMP and TCT? A) Should GGMP be a collection of two routes (one that is part of TCT and the other is not)? B) Since third party sites want multi relations for multi use; is it best to create a "hiking" route; then create a parent for "bicycle" and "inline_skates"; or should the base relation be "unknown" with 3 parents (hiking, bicycle, inline_skates)?

asked 18 Apr '14, 15:06

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Hi each section of a trail using a way should be part of a relation. Please read this section of the WIKI complicated yes, There is even a specific section for bicycle routes as well. If you follow these guidelines the renderer can read your contributions correctly.

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answered 19 Apr '14, 10:26

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As a new user, I would like to know why this is a problem. Can you not add multiple attributes in multiple categories for a single way? Can I have surface = gravel as well as surface = dirt, plus width = 5 m as well as other sizes?

Or (I'm looking for fundamental best practices here), should every section of a way with a unique combination of attributes be separate from the others?

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answered 07 Jul '16, 17:20

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My original question was about ways within relations; not tags (attributes) on ways.

As a follow-up; I'll mention that site modified their code such that multi-purpose routes are now supported. When I raised my question the site did not support "route=hiking;bicycle" (with a semicolon). Now tag values with semicolon is supported.

If you have your own question; then you should likely start a new thread.

(07 Jul '16, 17:48) fbax

@robinottawa Generally speaking, you'd split a way into sections for which the tagging is unique. For example, this bit of road has mostly the same tags as an adjacent bit , but the speed limits are different. If you tried to add "speed_limit=40 mph;50 mph" you wouldn't know which bit had which speed limit.

(07 Jul '16, 23:34) SomeoneElse ♦

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