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There’s a barrier with a sturdy metal fence construction, with growth alongside forming a hedge. The green metal construction between the plants has no function to carry the hedge. It looks just weird to see them standing on the same place. There's as far as I know only one barrier tag possible. What's the right tag to solve this ?

asked 18 Apr '14, 10:57

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Some options, depending on how much you want to get into micromapping:

  • Choose one or the other for the way tag, maybe include a note too
  • Create two parallel line ways very close to each other
  • Create a line way for the fence, and an area way for the hedge (possibly sharing nodes with the fence way)
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answered 18 Apr '14, 14:59

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According to the duck tagging philosophy the first point sounds fine. If it looks like a hedge, tag it as a hedge.

(18 Apr '14, 16:10) scai ♦

I m in for fine tuning for as good as it gets. Adding details which no one does, such as bridges and barriers.

(07 Jul '14, 14:37) Hendrikklaas

No one? There are over 2 million bridge keys and over 3 million barrier keys.

(07 Jul '14, 14:41) scai ♦

What Hendrikklaas means to say is that he tags: Bridges as building=bridge; Roadblocks from WWII which are no longer there as building=anti_tank_barrier; etc.

Since there are no actual buildings blocking those roads, this effectively means other people have to constantly clean up behind him.

(07 Jul '14, 17:03) cartinus

Just to put my 2p behind @neuhausr and @scai's first point - I'd also "Choose one or the other for the way tag, maybe include a note too".

Around where I live many or most field boundaries are some combination of fence and hedge, or hedge and wall, or something else. To try and represent all of the nature of the barrier in one tag is tricky, so I'd just pick what it's most like.

(07 Jul '14, 23:59) SomeoneElse ♦

This is one of the few cases where I would consider using a semicolon. barrier=hedge;fence. Of course this only works if you do not want to map more details of the hedge or fence, e.g. different heights Specifying the fence type should be possible though

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answered 19 Apr '14, 06:28

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