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Is there a way to change the default speed of 30 mph to 25 mph on residential streets for a municipality with a known regulation for these streets to be at 25 mph? We are looking for a way to adjust the neighborhood streets of Lafayette LA without having to go to each street and change them manually. The information that we have comes from the city government traffic department.

asked 17 Apr '14, 16:05

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Default speed limits are likely set by each router themselves. I picked a random road in Lafayette and it currently has no maxspeed tag on it.

There is a wiki page describing some default maxspeed values, but it is unlikely all routers use it, and it isn't clear how authoritative or accurate the information on that page is.

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answered 17 Apr '14, 16:26

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I suspect that this ought to be directed to the tagging mail list.

I recall seeing some interest in being able to specify the default max speeds (prima facie speed limit) for various highway types in areas bounded by polygons or polygon relations (i.e. state, county, city boundaries) so those could be used as local defaults if the maxspeed=* is missing on a highway. I know where I live there are lots of highways, primarily residential, with no posted limit at all. Routers could look determine the maxspeed value by looking first for municipal, then county, then state, then national prima facie limits. I personally thought it would be a good idea but it seemed to have some resistance and I don't recall the proposal going anywhere.

I don't think that mass editing the roads in an area to set a default value is a good idea for a couple of reasons: First it would be too easy to inadvertently miss tag some roads with no easy way to find the error. Secondly, governments have been known to change the prima facie speed law with the assumption that all unmarked roads immediately are subject to the new limits.

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answered 18 Apr '14, 00:33

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Hi Since the default speed might changes for a short stretch without changing the rules for the way it should be possible to change the limit locally. If you select all the streets you want to change the speed limit it’s possible to correct the speed into whatever you like. It depends on the editor you’re using its possible with JOSM and P2 just pointing and select with the cursor or mouse while pressing the control key. When all the streets are marked look in the advanced menu and change the speed limits as desired.

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answered 17 Apr '14, 23:51

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