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How do I remove a road name and all the info that has been entered with it. Someone has named the road that crosses our property, along with post where gates are. This is private property and access is by our permission only. Thank you for your time in this matter.

asked 12 Apr '14, 22:33

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Ok look I completely understand the road will be mapped. We do not want the road named. All the other roads on our property are mapped but not named and we want it kept that way. I want to remove the name only as no one was given permission to name our private property. And yes I am contacting google and navteq to have the name removed from their database as well.

(12 Apr '14, 22:58) Wcm33az

We still need to know the whereabouts of the road in question or you will need to change it yourself. Note if google and navteq have a name for the road in question there is a high likelihood that it is from the US Gov. TIGER dataset (that is if you are based in the US).

(12 Apr '14, 23:01) SimonPoole ♦

The earliest recorded name for the road was county road co28. We had that title removed as the road is no longer country maintained so the road was supposed to remain unnamed. Now I am finding it listed E. Post Office Canyon Rd. My family has owned the property since before Arizona and New Mexico became states. So you tell me how the road got it's current title?

(12 Apr '14, 23:04) Wcm33az

Simon, according to the government website, they provide coordinates, private companies provide the names.

(12 Apr '14, 23:10) Wcm33az

This area ? The name is from, as suspected, the TIGER dataset. See for more information, as long as the name is present there you will have a hard time stopping people from adding it back.

(12 Apr '14, 23:12) SimonPoole ♦

Yes Simon that is the one. Thank you for you info and help.

(12 Apr '14, 23:23) Wcm33az

Also, if there is a former name for the road, you can use the old_name=* tag (see

(15 Apr '14, 15:51) neuhausr
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If the road exists and has a name, as your gates exist, then it belongs in OpenStreetMap.

Do you expect Google, Bing and other digital imagery providers to excise all evidence of your property because it is a private one? No. Do you expect your government mapping agency not to map you property and that of every other private property> No. Therefore don't expect OpenStreetMap to give you special rights when you don't demand this of other map providers.

I imagine you are concerned that this road being mapped may cause you annoyance as people may drive or walk along it. It is simply necessary to add the tag access=private to the road: then maps and, more importantly, routers will ignore it.

Of course if the name of the road is wrong then it is fine to correct it, or to fine tune where the gate is located. All that you need to do is sign up and click the edit button. You can of course delete the data, but usually people will restore it sooner (in Europe, often within a few minutes) or later (elsewhere), and they might not know it's private. A road which can be seen on aerial imagery which is mapped as private helps everyone.

If you don't fancy editing the data directly you can just place a note (quote box icon bottom right of screen) pointing to the road and add something like "this is private". A more experienced editor will come along and do the edit later (sometimes they like to check from another source that the statement is correct).

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answered 12 Apr '14, 22:49

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SK53 ♦
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  • if or if not the road in question is present in OSM doesn't effect your rights to give or not give permission to enter your property so there is not really a reason to be concerned (all this will likely be visible from aerial imagery in any case)
  • naturally if the name given to the road is factually wrong it whould be corrected and further the tagging of the road should be such to indicate that it is private property (which is better than deleting it)
  • you need to indicate the road in question, best with the name you indicated and a URL from the map page centered on it
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answered 12 Apr '14, 22:43

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SimonPoole ♦
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edited 12 Apr '14, 22:44


SK53, if the road is his property, then Simon absolutely has the right to name it whatever he wants. Just because a government bureaucrat stuck a name on it in a database doesn't make that the 'real' name. I've had a similar problem with a road in my apartment complex; apparently TIGER has a name stuck on it, even though the road actually has no name, AND even though there is another road with the same name a quarter mile away (which is the real road with that name). Basically some bureaucrat was tasked with making sure that the database was complete, and just stuck a name on it because, in the bureaucratic mindset, leaving the name field blank meant it was incomplete--even if leaving it blank was correct. And I have been able to get it out of Google, with a little persistence.

So with that in mind, Wcm33az, you can remove the name in OSM. I would also change the road type to "unclassified" (I assume it's currently "residential"), and add a Note tag to state that it is privately owned and does not have a name, and that the TIGER data is incorrect.

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answered 14 Apr '14, 16:17

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Jack the Ripper
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