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Is there any OSM to GDF converter available. If yes, please point to the converter and if not will it be helpful to the community at large if such a converter is written ? I could find a similar question here, but the question has been posted and answered a long time ago ( in 2007).

asked 11 Apr '14, 06:45

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I believe there is at least one commercial solution available from German software engineering company Logiball (; also the commercial date conversion tool FME ( supports both OSM and GDF but I don't know if and how you can convert between the two.

I am not aware of any Open Source solution.

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answered 11 Apr '14, 07:56

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks for the answer, but can you please elaborate as to why is it not possible to convert between these format, as you remarked that there already exists a commercial solution for the same.

(25 Apr '14, 10:39) Aradhya

I think Frederik's comment relates to import/export features of FME, i.e. he wasn't sure if you can define the following processing pipeline:

Import OSM file ====> (some magic happens) ====> Write out converted GDF file(s)

Say only reading both formats obviously won't help, you need to cover the whole processing pipeline.

(25 Apr '14, 17:33) mmd

Not sure if it's still relevant, but I started development on an OSM to GDF converter

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answered 23 May '22, 20:19

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