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I am trying to filter out the following way types out of an osm.bz2-file (malta-latest.osm.bz2 from Geofrabrik): footway,path, cycleway. Until now I did this by the following command:

C:..\bin>osmosis --read-xml file="malta-latest.osm.bz2" --tag-filter accept-ways highway=footway,cycleway,path --used-node --tag-filter reject-relations --write-xml file="malta-filtered.osm.bz2"

This works as it filters the right ways, but it also includes some nodes (mostly highway=bus_stop and public_transport=*, but also some others) that shouldn't be in there (imho), because there is no (visible) connection to any of the correct ways. I don't really understand, why this is done..!?! :-( Has anyone an idea and could help me?

Thanks in advance


asked 10 Apr '14, 10:20

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Frederik Ramm ♦

The issue is a simple ordering problem. By specifying --used-node before you drop the relations with --tag-filter reject-relations, you get all nodes either used by one of the ways you have selected, or used by any of the relations in the file. Swap these two arguments around, and all works as expected.

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answered 12 Apr '14, 22:19

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Hey Frederik, this sounds logical and it works..! ;-) Thanks a lot!

(14 Apr '14, 08:52) 49North

Maybe you can have a closer look at osmfilter as an alternative tool.

Read its documentation in the OSM wiki.

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answered 11 Apr '14, 12:16

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Hey, thanks for your reply - i will have a look at it, but as i have to do this as an assignment while doing an further training, i am bound at osmosis in this specific case.. ;-)

(14 Apr '14, 08:56) 49North

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