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Which is the best and easiest app to record tracks and poi,which can export the data to osm. I tried osmand+,but it doesnt record tracks well,also pois aren't coerrrectly placed.Is there any app made specially for making maps easily?

asked 09 Apr '14, 20:27

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thnks ,i tried osmand+,vespucci and osmtuner.Now im gonna try osm tracker.

(10 Apr '14, 06:00) muzirian

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Android lists all known Android apps. osmtracker is likely the most popular pure tracking app.

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answered 09 Apr '14, 20:36

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Osmand is okay for showing a map and for navigation (though the most recent release seems to be a big step backwards) but I didn't like what I saw for adding tracks and POIs enough to even try it.

Don't know if it is the best but I use osmtracker for creating GPX tracks and POI waypoints.

In my area many highways are lacking correct maxspeed tags and traffic control signs and signals are also lacking. I found it fairly easy to create a custom button set that just covers those items to allow one button (no menu hierarchy) tagging of the things as I drive by. If walking, then I mostly use the voice record feature to say what the item is as I pass it. That works very well for gathering address information, etc.

Regarding placement, when I am walking (slow speed) osmtracker does a very good job. If I am driving the locations are consistently a little off, I think due to timing on my button pushes.

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answered 09 Apr '14, 20:51

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