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In Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley, there are some hotel rooms which are in separate cabins, 2 rooms per cabin. They are numbered, 201 on up. The number is not attached to a street.

One options is to use addr:housenumber to record the number. The number shows up nicely in maps, but there are warnings about not having a street name to go with the house number.

Here is a view of the area.

asked 08 Apr '14, 00:38

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Please do not use addr:housenumber for hotel rooms, even if they are located in different buildings and they show up on the map. Using this tag in this way will cause issues for tools which search for valid addresses. It will create noise.

Hotel rooms are subsidiary elements at a '''single''' address and therefore should be tagged as such. Similar elements which are in use are addr:suite (for office suites within a building or complex) and addr:flats (for flats and apartments within a building or complex).

By analogy you could use a tag addr:hotel_roomnumber or similar for this case, although, personally I'm uncertain as to whether this is appropriate information for OSM.

Also OSM has a principle of one feature one element, currently this resort appears to be mapped as multiple hotels. It would be better if this was mapped as an area enclosing the various buildings.

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answered 08 Apr '14, 11:07

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This looks like some good ideas. To me, suite seems like the best bet. Since the buildings are separate, with separate number, I think that it is appropriate. I would probably skip hotel_roomnumber, since it is not otherwise used.

It might be appropriate to use multi_polygon for the various buildings. Area doesn't work as well. The building are scattered around the property, with other buildings and stores in between. However, this group could be set up as an area. I'll have to look at a practical way of handling it.

(09 Apr '14, 15:44) nereocystis

Use amenity=hotel for the whole area, map the buildings separately no need for a multi-polygon anywhere. The room numbers are not house numbers therefore if you continue to use this key you are 'tagging for the renderer'. If there is a house which shares the number of a room on the same road you will confuse search engines.

(10 Apr '14, 11:03) SK53 ♦


I used tourism=hotel for a new area around the individual buildings, and for for the individual buildings, use as building=yes. Unfortunately, building=hotel is rendered by the rendering engines. I assume that the rendering engines use multiple methods of determining whether something should be rendered as a hotel.

And I used addr:suite for the individual units. This seems like a moderately well-used tag which is a close match for this purpose.

(17 Apr '14, 19:53) nereocystis

Hi, use the street address of the main hotel building and add the separated numbers to it, to locate the other buildings or rooms. It looks like if I’m not mistaken that the street in between has a name tag as Date Grove Road.

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answered 08 Apr '14, 01:22

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The street name will be corrected soon, as that is not the actual street name. Another problem.

(09 Apr '14, 01:58) nereocystis

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