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I recently found an Android app called 'Komoot', it seems to be using OSM data (for example it can't find certain house numbers which, coincidentally, aren't available in OSM, too) but OSM is not mentioned anywhere. Furthermore, you've to pay to 'unlock' certain regions, which means that you've to pay for OSM data. Stuff that's not even their own.

How is that possible/legal?

asked 07 Apr '14, 23:07

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I don't have my OSM device at hand right now, but I have komoot installed and I'm pretty sure it has attribution somewhere...

(08 Apr '14, 10:03) Vincent de P... ♦


my name is Tobias, I'm one of the co-founders of komoot so I would like to answer your questions:

Yes, you are right - we are using OpenStreetMap data (together with other data sources). We mention this on several places on our website and in the apps. But I will double check if we should mention OpenStreetMap on further places. Please tell me if you missed it in a specific page.

We put a lot of effort into the development of komoot. Currently almost 20 people work on it. So we also charge for a some parts of our service - for voice navigation and offline features of the app.

We also contribute back to OpenStreetMap. For example we are currently developing an open source geo coder:

Please let me know if you have any further questions - here or at tobias at

Best, Tobias

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answered 08 Apr '14, 14:15

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that's awesome! About OSM mentioning: To be honest, I found it nowhere in the Android app. It's not visible on/in the map and that's where I'd expect it.

Also about the monetary part: That's where I've some real troubles understanding what's going on: I get that you need money, but...charging for regions? That's, basically, OSM data. Also as of now I did not pay for anything but I've voice navigation. (I really need to buy some gift cards for that stupid market...)

(08 Apr '14, 17:44) tuxator

@tuxator: Charging for OSM data is not a license violation and completely fine, see the Legal FAQ. This applies to almost any open source software, too.

(08 Apr '14, 19:12) scai ♦

The Legal FAQ will answer most of your questions. Selling OSM data is generally allowed but it must be under the ODbL license which has certain requirements.

Using OSM data without attribution (i.e. without saying that you use OSM data) is not allowed. Note however that sometimes, OSM and another dataset may derive their addresses from the same source, e.g. a government public domain data publication, and in such cases you'd find that the other dataset has the same missing addresses as OSM even though it isn't using OSM.

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answered 07 Apr '14, 23:27

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oh, there are more things. A one-way street that is allowed for two-way usage for bicycles but in OSM it wasn't marked as Komoot it's behaving as if it's a one-way street for bicycles, too. (I edited it in OSM already). *edit also on their webbpage, the map tool has a "©OpenstreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA" writing.

(08 Apr '14, 06:43) tuxator

@tuxator If you've got questions about the routing algorithm used by a particular app you'll need to discuss that with the app's authors. If you're wondering whether the one-way street is tagged correctly, ask a separate question about that (and provide a link so that people can see how it is tagged).

(08 Apr '14, 12:42) SomeoneElse ♦

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