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I want to show MAP key as it is there on

Below is my simple code for map:

<div id="ourMap"></div>

<script  src="http://www.openlayers .org/api/OpenLayers.js"></script> 
    map = new  OpenLayers.Map("ourMap"); 
    map.addLayer(new  OpenLayers.Layer.OSM());  

Is there any feature which I have to turn on to show the Map key with same feature as it is giving in above URL?

Regards, Hardik Pancholi

asked 07 Apr '14, 11:02

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scai ♦

OpenLayers doesn't support an OpenStreetMap Map Key out of the box, so there's no single feature you can enable for this purpose. Also, the OpenStreetMap main page uses Leaflet rather than OpenLayers, which makes a copy&paste somewhat difficult.

Maybe you could use this URL as a starting point to get at least the Map Key information and then enable/disable some of the elements according to your zoom layer (see data-zoom-min/data-zoom-max below). The question remains how to best embed that URL in your application. Maybe you want to use concept similar to a side bar to display your Map Key.

tr class="mapkey-table-entry" data-zoom-max="19" data-zoom-min="0" data-layer="mapnik"
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answered 21 Apr '14, 08:05

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