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I live in Villa La Bolsa, a small town south of Córdoba city (Argentina). I found it in openstreetmap but the display of streets there is almost nonexistent.

I have got a map provided by the local authority which contains a complete display of all streets in town, and I would like to transcribe it into openstreetmap.

I am a mature citizen (almost 80) and my skills at introducing graphic data in sites is quite limited. I can use the LibreOfficeDraw program (I use Ubuntu), but I need instructions to go on with my purpose of fulfilling this goal. Will you help me please?

Cordially, Oscar Heinz

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OpenStreetMap works slightly different. We are not just drawing images, but instead we are trying to create a database consisting of so-called elements (mainly nodes and ways). This has the advantage that you can use the map for a lot of different things, not just for displaying it. You can query for POIs and addresses, calculate routes between locations and so on.

Consequently you can't use a regular drawing program like LibreOfficeDraw. But don't worry, contributing to OSM is still easy. Just register an account (you already seem to have one), browse to the area where want to change something and then press the large Edit button at the top. This will open OSM's web-based editor iD. It is easy to use and also features a short introduction.

But keep in mind that you are not allowed to contribute data from copyrighted resources! Please check whether the map provided by your local authority is compatible with OSM's license. Most of these maps are copyrighted and must not be used to copy information from. See the Legal FAQ for more information.

If you still have questions, come back again.

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