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asked 03 Apr '14, 12:10

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Which editor?

(03 Apr '14, 12:14) scai ♦

Openstreetmap website editor

(03 Apr '14, 12:17) bkamenov

You should not be using Here maps or imagery for OpenStreetMap. We do not have permission to trace their maps or imagery, and as such it's a breach of copyright to do so. You must remove any additions you've made using and not add any more.

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answered 03 Apr '14, 12:21

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Jonathan Ben...
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I used them only to clear my doubts on one street, as you may see I used "none" because I only named existing roads I already know without breaching any copyrights. For Bulgaria Here maps are anyway wrong and incomplete...

(03 Apr '14, 12:45) bkamenov

Frederik's previous answer here explains why we don't use sources such as "Here" maps that haven't given explicit permission (even for "roads you already know").

(03 Apr '14, 13:04) SomeoneElse ♦

I won't use them anymore. Sorry for killing kids, won't do this again.

(03 Apr '14, 13:29) bkamenov

You need to use 255 characters or fewer in the changeset description (and I suspect in the other changeset value fields).

Here's a changeset I created in iD:

I suspect that what's happening is that iD isn't checking that field length. If so, it needs to be logged as a bug here. What the iD developers would need to know would be what buttons to press in what order in order to reproduce the problem.

If you have an account on github you can log it yourself; if you don't just add the steps to reproduce as a comment here and I can log it.

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answered 03 Apr '14, 12:24

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SomeoneElse ♦
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I did the following: 1. Added custom imagery from Here maps, but it was the wrong one. 2. Added custom imagery from Here satellite view to see one location not visible through the Bing view. 3. Removed custom and switched to None and started mapping. 4. In two hours I decided to save -> the error That is in short.

(03 Apr '14, 12:52) bkamenov

Thanks a lot. I intentionally lost my changes to avoid any accuses of being a thief, but anyway this was a bug.

A little off-topic: I have changed for myself the reverse geocoder and pasted my code here on this site for the people to take a look at my 'corrections'. Is this the correct place?

(03 Apr '14, 13:49) bkamenov

No, this place is not suited for discussing code. Try the mailing list or forum instead or even better, create an issue at or fork the Nominatim github project.

(03 Apr '14, 16:35) scai ♦

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