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I made a modification adding four parking lots. As I pressed the commit button, I noticed in the overview 'Modified power line'. This power line is adjacent to the parking lot, but I had no intent of modifying it. I believe there was some 'snapping' going on when I drew the parking lot. It is unclear to me what exactly got modified or how to undo it, if needed.

The commit is

I believe the accidental part is way: '133152959, v4'

Please tell me what went wrong, how it happened, and how to undo it.

asked 03 Apr '14, 09:57

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not a big deal, you just created one of the parking lot nodes on the powerline way. pretty easy for it to happen, especially in highly mapped areas. all you'd need to do is just delete that extra node from the powerline way. I just took care of it while I was looking at it. :)

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answered 03 Apr '14, 15:28

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Great, thanks a lot for investigating and fixing it! Is visually inspecting the map the only way of checking this, or can you also see this from a textual representation in the commit? If so, how?

(03 Apr '14, 15:50) patrickdepin...

well, two ways sharing a node isn't necessarily wrong, it depends on the context. for example, a beach that goes up to the edge of a lake, or two buildings that are right next to one another. I think some QA tools might highlight particular situations (like highway and waterway sharing a node)?

(03 Apr '14, 16:46) neuhausr

If you look at the "browse" page for the power line, you can see against node 2356324445 that it says "(part of way 226907037)" where it joins a cycleway. The browse page for that node shows it too. I think what's happening is that the iD editor is joining things together based on the closeness of a new node to another feature. Usually that's a good idea (so that you don't get gaps in roads) but sometimes creates issues of the type that you've spotted.

There are lots of QA tools listed in the wiki. I've you just just mapped somewhere it can be useful to use them to check what you've just added to look for things that "can't possibly be correct".

(03 Apr '14, 16:58) SomeoneElse ♦

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