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Hey guys! I need the possibility to find the underlying ground information of a given location (set by latLng) - not an area!

I already tried the nominatim reverse search, but it lacks the landuse information. Here's an example query:

How do I enforce the output of the landuse here, which would likely be "residential".

Greets, Kai

asked 02 Apr '14, 22:48

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I guess currently there is no reversegeocoder with a focus on landuse. You might try to create your own prototype by using the Overpass API and add a small server based analysers as a frontend.

(04 Apr '14, 08:03) iii

Thanks for your comment. Since I'm not that familiar with the capabilities of Overpass API I put something together to ask if it is the right way to do. Would you please review this

(04 Apr '14, 09:14) krnlde

to check your results (I have got only 4 ways tagges with landuse=* ) you can try the overpass turbo wizard to do a query for landuse=anything without any coordinates, but only zoomed to the area you are interested in.

Maybe other landuse-objects are so big that they are not "covered" by your lat-lon-query?

(04 Apr '14, 14:35) stephan75

Yep, I think the problem in my query is that it doesn't catch the way (polygon) it is in. I need sth like an extrapolation for this polygon. In my example on overpass-turbo I'm standing on grass next to a basin, but the query only catches objects next to me (the basin), not the area/way I'm "in" (the grass). Any suggestions?

(04 Apr '14, 15:22) krnlde

It might be worth asking in the #osm-dev IRC channel - someone there might have a suggestion.

(04 Apr '14, 15:24) SomeoneElse ♦

Great idea! I'll try this tonight and let you guys know later :) Thank you all

(04 Apr '14, 15:26) krnlde
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I asked in the #osm-dev IRC Channel and got the following: First, this is a feature planned for based on the overpass API. Second, overpass2 DEV API already returns information about the enclosing areas:

This is done by this algorithms


is_in is the key command to get the enclosing area with all it's tags available.

Unfortunately is_in only appears to be covering areas with names in it. Other areas/ways can be covered by around

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answered 04 Apr '14, 15:46

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