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Does anyone know how to rotate text placed on the map? I'm labeling streets and would like have the name of the street run parallel with the street. Thanks!

asked 02 Apr '14, 17:23

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You mean that you render the map yourself ? which renderer ?

(02 Apr '14, 17:41) Pieren

I am new at this. I am potting text on my MapBox map using JOSM and Tilemill. When I add a "name" in JOSM it always adds it horizontal. I would like to rotate it so I can place some text at different angles. when I click on the text and press Shift +control, the curved arrows show up put I can't figure out how to rotate the text.

(02 Apr '14, 17:54) dowdprop

Could you explain exactly what you are doing, in particular to what exactly you are adding names? To the OSM database or to a local copy of the data?

In any case name/label placement is something that you control through the style sheet that controls the rendering process and nothing that you can add to OSM data.

(02 Apr '14, 19:01) SimonPoole ♦

If you want to produce maps from raw OSM data via the Tilemill framework, try to find that feature in the documentation of tilemill.

If you cannot find anything there, try to ask the guys from Mapbox who develop tilemill.

Or you can have have a look at some other rendering programs like Maperitive ... maybe they have such a feature?

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answered 04 Apr '14, 14:23

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Set the text-placement property equal to line. The property text-dy provides a pixel offset. For example:

#layer-id::labels {
  text-name: "[NAME]";
  text-face-name:'Norasi Oblique';
  text-placement: line; /* <-- this is the property you're looking for */
  text-dy: -8;


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answered 04 Apr '14, 20:07

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