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Hi, I am creating indoor map with josm. I will do offline and online map with android

When I create it on JOSM seem like that You can download here josm data

alt text

But When I upload this data it seem like that. You can look at osm page school map on osm

alt text

My Question is. Why I can not see room on open street map ? What should I do for showing them ? Have I any mistake about creating indoor map ?

asked 30 Mar '14, 08:27

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Ayse duygu
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The standard OSM map style doesn^t render any of the indoor elements (regardless of which scheme you have chosen). You need to create a custom map style for example with maperitive or tilemill and render the map for yourself (there are other solutions, but they are more involved).

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answered 30 Mar '14, 17:51

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SimonPoole ♦
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Thanks your answer. But I never used maperitive and tilemill. But I know some QGis. I want to show this map on my android application. İf osm map do not show it , how can I show it ? Do not I have to upload data on osm for showing map on my android app.

(30 Mar '14, 20:30) Ayse duygu

and maperitive and tilemill have render indoor elemnts ?

(30 Mar '14, 20:38) Ayse duygu

This depends on the stylesheet. All your data is on the OSM server. You just have to configure your renderer accordingly and it will show your data. It doesn't matter if your are using Maperitive, TileMill or your own application. All of them are capable of showing your indoor elements after you changed their settings accordingly.

(30 Mar '14, 20:56) scai ♦

If you're thinking of using TileMill, I'd recommend following the examples here:

As well as showing you what TileMill can do, it also shows you in general how a stylesheet is used to convert raw data into something that you can see on a screen.

Maperitive seems to have similar introductory information:

(30 Mar '14, 21:11) SomeoneElse ♦

I will try them thank you yours answer. But could I show them it with osmdriod I should research them..

(31 Mar '14, 14:57) Ayse duygu

And I could not find example about indoormap maperitive.. how was done it ?

(31 Mar '14, 19:18) Ayse duygu

There aren't examples for everything, sometimes you just have to try. There is an introduction for writing custom rendering rules for Maperitive. Try to understand it, then start writing your own rendering rules for all indoor tags you want to show.

(31 Mar '14, 19:35) scai ♦

yes, you said true. but it is very hard for me which is beginner at mapping :(( I will try thank you.

(01 Apr '14, 10:53) Ayse duygu

ow there is very big problem maperitive "Maperitive currently does not support reading of map data from a database like PostGIS or SQLite" But ı need map data for search them on android

(01 Apr '14, 15:19) Ayse duygu

and tilemill page is this ?

(01 Apr '14, 15:24) Ayse duygu

Why is that a problem? First, Maperitive is for rendering, not for searching. Secondly, it won't run on Android anyway. And yes, that's the official TileMill website.

(01 Apr '14, 16:15) scai ♦

because I need map data for future plan. my issue ,I will have to searching something. If maperitive do not have connection sqlite, How can I use map data

(01 Apr '14, 18:15) Ayse duygu

This question was about uploading data to OSM and rendering it. If you have questions about searching, android or sqlite then please ask a new question.

(01 Apr '14, 19:02) scai ♦

you said true.I am so sorry if I make an exception to a rule on osm help. But I have to take into account my forward s planning.I did not say show me how is it.. I said Is there possibility. Ok I will research all of them. again thank you for yours answers.

(02 Apr '14, 21:07) Ayse duygu
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Are you aware that we have a special subforum about indoor mapping at the OSM Forum?

Maybe you can also ask there and find more hints?

permanent link

answered 04 Apr '14, 14:25

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thanks I will benefit from it

(04 Apr '14, 16:38) Ayse duygu

In JOSM this features not able, you should create a custom map style.

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answered 09 Jul '20, 08:29

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Smith Hennry
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